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  • Game theory: equilibrium concepts, oligopolies, 2-stage games.
  • Revenue management: pricing, unimodality conditions, comparative statics.
  • Strategic behavior: voting systems, queues.


  1. S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, On the commitment value and commitment optimal strategies in bimatrix games, International Game Theory Review, (2018). [arxiv], [journal]
  2. C. Koki, S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Comparative Statics via Stochastic Orderings in a Two-Echelon Market with Upstream Demand UncertaintyAIRO Springer Series, forthcoming. [pdf]
  3. C. Koki, S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Measuring Market Performance with Stochastic Demand: Price of Anarchy and Price of Uncertainty, LNCS/LNAI Springer Series, forthcoming. [pdf]
  4. S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Endogenizing the cost parameter in Cournot oligopoly, International Game Theory Review, review & resubmit. [arxiv]
  5. S. Leonardos & C. Koki, The Greek Parliament of 2012: Coalitions, Incentives & Power Indices in Context, Homo Oeconomicus, review & resubmit. [arxiv]

  • S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, A Class of Distributions for Linear Demand Markets, Annals of Operations Research, submitted. [arxiv]
  • S. Leonardos & C. Koki, Government coalitions and power fragmentation in Greece & Germany: two stories, one future. German-Greek Yearbook of Political Economy, work in progress.
  • S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Monopoly Pricing in a Vertical Market with Upstream Demand Uncertainty, under submission. [arxiv]
  • Y. Dimitrakopoulos, A. Economou and S. Leonardos, Strategic customer behavior in a queueing system with alternating information structure, [working paper 1][working paper 2].
  • J. Freixas & S. Leonardos, Some impossibility results on power indices, work in progress.

You may find my research statement here.

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