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Activities: Talks & Visits

Here is a list of my talks at International Conferences or Workshops

  1. 2018. CRETE, 17th Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics (invited).
  2. 2018. OLIGO, 6th Workshop in Piraeus.
  3. 2018. MCDA, 12th Multicriteria Decision Aid Meeting.
  4. 2017. Stony Brook University, the 28th International Conference on Game Theory (contributed).
  5. 2017. Technion, The 9th annual conference of the Israeli chapter of the Game Theory Society.
  6. 2017. SDSU (South Dakota State University), Brookings USA (invited).
  7. 2016. GAMES 2016, Maastricht, Netherlands.
  8. 2016. GTM10, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  9. 2016. SING12, Odense, Denmark (contributed).
  10. 2015. Excellence II, Athens University, Greece (invited).
  11. 2015. M3ST, Kalamata, Greece (contributed).

Here are some of my slides

And a list of my recent activities

  • 2018. Fifth EPICENTER Spring Course on Epistemic Game Theory.
  • 2018. Graduate Course on “Design & Analysis of Algorithms”, by Evangelos Markakis at AUEB. Grade: 9.5/10 (ranked first).
  • 2017. Coursera: Specialization on Algorithms by T. Roughgarden, Stanford. Grade: 100%.
  • 2017. Lake Como School of Advanced Studies: Contibuted participation: Summer school in “Game theory and Voting Systems”.
  • 2017. Koç Üniversitesi: Research Visit at the College of Engineering
  • 2016–2017 Special Account for Research Grants, University of Athens
  • Travel grants: Stony Brook (2017), SING12 (2016)
  • 2014–2015 Excellence II, European Social Fund for Research
    Research program: ”Optimization of stochastic systems under partial information”


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